Thursday, February 11, 2016

Help a Bluestocking Belles hero find his missing valentine and win a prize!

This Bluestocking Belles hero is missing his valentine. Will you help him find her? For prize and entry details, see #Valentines #BellesInBlue

Help a Bluestocking Belles heroine find her missing valentine and win a prize!

This Bluestocking Belles heroine is missing her valentine. Will you help her find him? For prize and entry details, see #Valentines #BellesInBlue

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Paranormal After Dark - 20 Paranormal Novels for only 99 cents!

Huge news, my blog readers! I'm diving back into the self publishing pond again. A Question of Faith (Magic Incarnate Book 1) will be included in a boxed set with 20 full-length paranormals from USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Authors. And if you pre-order it now, it's only 99 cents!

In addition to A Question of Faith, (btw, A Matter of Doubt, Book 2 is available for pre-order) check out the other awesome stories in the boxed set:
Paranormal After Dark
What are you waiting for? Paranormal After Dark won't be 99 cents forever. Preorder now!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Wanna win 100 ebooks?

If you aren't already familiar with Free Kindle Giveaway, they are a company that promotes books AND their authors! Readers join their list for great deals as well as opportunities to connect with amazing authors...while also having the chance to participate in monthly giveaways! There are a variety prizes, but most often the winner has a choice between $100 PayPal Cash or a Kindle Fire! But for this special giveaway, Free Kindle Giveaway is giving away 100 dollars (or a Kindle Fire) AND 100 ebooks while telling you about 100 special ebook deals. It's the 100/100/100 Giveaway! Learn More About the Prizes Below, or Go Here to Enter to win:

The Prizes: 1 Kindle/$100 + 100 Books!


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B11 B10 B17 C5 C
C9 C19 C16 C8 C7
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C13 D20 D16 C22 D19
C10 C3 C14 C11 D9
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D5 D10 D17 D6 D7
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